WOOF!!!  Just in case you are not as fluent in Puppese as everyone should be, woof can mean a number of very different things.  In this instance, it means howdy and/or welcome.  My name is Grayson, and you better believe that I am the big dog around here.  To help prove that this is indeed a very good thing, I have sniffed all of the 1,048 sites from 85 countries listed in this directory so far to see if they are safe to visit and what they are really about.  Now, I cannot guarantee complete safety because things change, but if I could visit a site without catching a nasty bug. it should be safe for you to also do so.  I then instructed my staff to list each site alphanumerically in at least one category (aside from All) and the country of origin (if it could be determined).  You can see where to find them in the header.


No, SiteHoundSniffs is not the same as the other site directories we are aware of.  For we sniff-out sites on our own—not require owners to come to us and register.  Everything is absolutely free, and there will never be any upselling of premium services.  Furthermore, there is no tracking code needed to be placed on sites, and we list even inactive sites because we feel that the value of their content (in one way or another) remains for as long as the site is still accessible to the public.  In essence, SiteHoundSniffs is just a grander version of an individual’s blogroll or favorite sites list.


Alas, it is said that good help is hard to find, and my staff is certainly not much to bark about.  Bark at?  Yes.  Bark about?  No, most definitely not.  Subsequently, mistakes are bound to happen far too often, and I would sure appreciate you telling me if you come across a site that has been obviously misplaced or would be better listed in another category.  I would also love to hear from you about how to improve things around here in other ways.  Okay, since he will not quit yapping about it and gets really annoying when put outside, I feel compelled to warn that when contacting us, you will be dealing with Jerry E. Beuterbaugh, who you may know already from AsTheCrackerheadCrumbles.  For I keep myself very busy sniffing for sites to add and avoiding him whenever possible.  Yeah, the old boy is indeed a bonafide crackerhead, who is someone who crumbles under pressure—regardless of whether real or imagined, but he is the best I have to work with at this time.  Sorry.


P.S.: Check out Littermates.